Are You Ready - Perfect Storm

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Timeless Treasures of the Spirit!
Christ's Object Lessons
Classic Devotional Audiobook on 10 CDs

Perhaps the most popular book ever written on the parables of Jesus Christ. Enjoy the broad language of heavenly themes as you listen to the accounts of The Sower; Hidden Treasure; Pearls; The Prodigal Son. Listen as Jesus speaks of a Great Gulf Fixed between our earth and the life to come. Learn of a great banquet prepared for all who will attend, and of a wide spectrum of Talents to be given to those who will enlist in the Master's service.

Available as a 10-CD set, or…

The entire audiobook—almost 12 hours—is contained on a single MP3 CD. Listen on your MP3 CD player, or load the files onto your computer or portable MP3 player and take this presentation with you practically anywhere you want to go.

Written by E.G.White and narrated by Tony Harriman, who was born and raised in the South of England.

This audiobook is available as a 10-CD set, and may also be purchased on a single MP3 CD (an MP3 CD must be played on an MP3 CD-compatible CD player, or the files may be transferred to a computer or portable playing device—call our office if you have questions).

10-CD Set to one USA address – $39.95

Single MP3 CD to one USA address – $19.95

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