Are You Ready - Perfect Storm

$1 = one book delivered to
any address in one of these cities....

The major cities of Texas have a population of approximately 12 million; we are intending to mail a Perfect Storm booklet to 2% of that population: 240,000.

(The crossed-out cities to the right have been covered).

It’s a big job, so we’ve broken it down —

We’ll start with the Capitol, Austin, and move to the largest city (Houston) and work the smaller cities until we reach our number goal (240,000 — 2%). That’s a booklet to 240,000 homes across Texas.

How are we going to do this?

We are going to use the good old USPS. This is the fastest and most economical way for us to get our books into the homes across America and its territories. We are working with mailing houses connected with the commercial printers who are handling our books. From the time we make the call to time the books arrive in the mail box can be as little as two weeks. We’ll start with Texas and go from there. Stay tuned ....

This is a project we can handle really quickly —
but we need your help.

Take a look at the numbers to the right. Those numbers represent books delivered for dollars given. One dollar for one book to one address. Those cities which are crossed through have been covered. Plenty more to go, though.

If you want to mail all the books designated for Midland (3,000), your donation of $3,000.00 will cover the whole city. Each dollar converts to that many books delivered. If you want to mail to all the designated addresses in Houston, the total cost will be $50,000.00.

Of course, if you wish, you can leave the deliveries to our discretion. The mailing houses will keep track of deliveries to zip codes and routes within those zip codes, so there will be no double deliveries.

This is the Time! This is do-able, and it’s exciting!

With your help, These Books Are Going Everywhere.

Simply Click the Link Below and
Go Through
the Process.

Any Amount Has Power:


Austin 20,000
Houston 50,000
San Antonio 30,000
Dallas 30,000
Fort Worth 20,000
El Paso 16,000
Arlington 8,000
Corpus Christi 7,000
Plano 6,000
Laredo 6,000
Lubbock 6,000
Irving 5,000
Garland 5,000
Amarillo 4,000
Grand Prairie 4,000
McKinney 4,000
Frisco 4,000
Brownsville 4,000
Pasadena 3,000
Killeen 3,000
McAllen 3,000
Mesquite City 3,000
Midland 3,000
Kenedy 2,281 (extra)


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