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48-page Full-color Booklet
Click the image above to open a PDF version of the booklet. Read, download and share this timeless information freely. God bless you as you do so.

This booklet for the Cuban Union contains all the addresses for the offices and mission stations in Cuba. The booklet is press-ready, and we await only the funds to print.

God opened this window in the wall, and for now, it remains open. Thank you for your help in the past. Here we go again.

A realistic figure to print 50,000 of these booklets and ship them to Cuba is $26,000. Please help us help our brothers and sisters in this, the largest Island Nation in the Caribbean.

When you click the Donate button below, you will be linked to a PayPal page that will let you make a donation to the project named "That Spanish-speaking Island in the Caribbean." Raising funds for Cuba is complicated—but only for us; your part will be smooth sailing.


Moral Midnight for Cuba

Antes de la Luz la Oscuridad
Medianoche de la Moralidad
Antes del Amanecer

Folleto de 48 páginas a todo color para agregar a su caja de herramientas evangelísticas

Este es el cuadernillo "Medianoche Moralidad Antes del Amanecer" traducido al español y desarrollado especialmente para la Unión Cubana. Haga clic en la imagen de la izquierda para ver la versión completa.

The "Moral Midnight" booklet might be considered a stepping-stone publication to share after you've given a person a "Steps to Christ" or a "Finding Peace Within."

If you want to share broader aspects of your faith, and you want to lead your friend or loved one into more of the teachings of Jesus, the patriarchs and the apostles, then this is a publication for you to seriously consider adding to your evangelistic toolbox.

Of the publications we offer, this small booklet brings into focus the very necessary work of Jesus which has been going on in the Heavenly Sanctuary since He left the planet two thousand years ago—a mysterious work, to many Christians.

The "Moral Midnight" might be just what you need. Download a free copy of the booklet by clicking on the image to the left, and decide if this fits your need.


• Looking for Justice
—What can be done to stay the tide of evil?

• The Scriptures a Safeguard
—Protection from the delusive power of spirits of darkness

• What the Bible Says About Origins
—In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

• Evidences of a Young Earth
—Credible evidences from various branches of science

• Evidences of a Worldwide Flood
—Evidence right beneath our feet

• The First Coming of Jesus
—Divine love had conceived a plan of redemption

• A Grand Prophecy Fulfilled
—Christ, the true Sacrifice, was offered on Calvary

• A Blueprint for the Work of Jesus
—Great truths taught through the Sanctuary

• What the Bible Says About Good Health
—I, the Lord, am your Healer

• Cleansing of the Heavenly Sanctuary
—The very center of Christ's work in behalf of men

• The Final Days of Heavenly Ministry
—Jesus has opened the way to the Father's throne

• The Lord's Seventh-day Sabbath
—The Sabbath was not for Israel merely

• What the Bible Says About the Sabbath
—The Lord blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy

• What Christians Say About the Sabbath
—The Sabbath was and is Saturday and not Sunday

• Two Great Unscriptural Errors
—Immortality of the soul, and Sunday Sacredness

• What the Bible Says About Death
—The dead have no love or hate, and know nothing

• The Second-coming of Jesus
—Jesus rides forth as a mighty conqueror


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