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January 2011 Communicator
IBE Communicator—
January 2011

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Signs of the Times

(Posted January 12, 2011)

Confirmed: We're Literally On the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse

By:Mac Slavo / / January 6, 2011

"We've been told a lot of things since the global economic crisis first became apparent in 2007.  In March of that year Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said, 'the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the sub-prime markets seems likely to be contained.'  Clearly, Mr. Bernanke's assessment was incorrect and the sub-prime real estate issues were only part of a broader, systemic issue.

"The fundamental problems within our economy became mainstream news in the latter part of 2008 when stock markets around the world were in free fall and most major financial institutions were on the cusp of insolvency.

"Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson eventually wrote a book about the crisis, aptly titled On the Brink.  But how close to the brink were we? If Representative Brad Sherman is to be believed, we were close. So close, in fact, that according to Sherman, Congressional members were told that if the bailout was not authorized by Congress the collapse would be so severe that martial law may have to be declared -- basically, tanks in the streets."

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Signs The U.S. is Becoming a Third World Country

By: Activist Post / Activist / August 16, 2010

"The United States by every measure is hanging on by a thread to its First World status.  Saddled by debt, engaged in wars on multiple fronts with a rising police state at home, declining economic productivity, and wild currency fluctuations all threaten America's future.

"30,000 Section 8 wait for 455 vouchers.

1.  "Rising unemployment and poverty:

2. "Economic dependence: The United States finished 2009 with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 85%, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The current trend . . .

3. "Declining civil rights:  Everyday freedoms are often a casualty of a society in collapse.  As the anger of the populace mounts in response to declining economic conditions and political corruption, the government counters by increasing draconian measures that restrict the political rights and civil liberties of its citizens.

America is becoming a country like China, which has one of the lowest scores according to Freedom House.  In America, private discussions and movements are monitored, free speech is corralled, the freedom to assemble for protest is by government decree, and independent thought that questions the political system is increasingly looked upon with suspicion.  A final indicator is when the government insists upon secrecy for its own actions, while new laws and systems are created to put the individual under nearly constant surveillance."

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January 2011 Communicator

Those of us living in the northern hemisphere just passed a milestone in the year which marked the end of the darkest days for this season.  The day of the winter solstice is a date marked by many people (though certainly not all) when there is a grand looking forward to brighter days -- literally.  The earth has passed the point in its orbit when our tilt is no longer at its furthest from the sun, and the daily sunset gets imperceptibly later and later until we begin again to see the nights drawing in at the time of the summer solstice.  Of course, in the southern hemisphere, the complete opposite is true; our bright day is their darkest.  Only at the equinoxes in the spring and the fall do we share equal night and day times.

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"Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things." –T. S. Eliot

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